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Article with great tips to help you rebuild your wealth post-recession. What do you think?

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How to Rebuild Your Wealth Post-Recession

Many economists say the recovery will be slow, but, overall, they agree that the worst of “the Great Recession” is now over.

And this is the time for smart consumers to reassess their portfolios.

Generally speaking, how long it will take you to bring your investments back to where they were pre-economic crash and how you should go about doing it depends on your age. It also depends on the kind of financial shape you were in before the recession and currently. Luckily, almost anyone can take straightforward and realistic steps to generate more wealth in the post-recession world.

If you want to get back ahead of the curve financially, consider the following tips.

Evaluate The Current State of Your Portfolio

Now is the perfect time to evaluate the overall makeup and performance of your investments. Chances are, the investments you held before the fall of 2008 (assuming you still hold them) are in a totally different place midway through 2010. If you are an active investor and picked your own stocks, some of them may have taken serious hits. At this point, it is your call whether to hope they will someday rebound or cut your losses.