Who are the real social media power users and why?

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social media power usersWhen you think about social media power users, what comes to mind? People who are on it all day. People who have a big presence on social media or who have a lot of followers. Well, according to FinanceOnline.com (FO), Women are the power social media users.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs? It means that one of the things you might consider when marketing on social media, is how you will reach the power social media users. That is, how will you reach the women who use social media to communicate with friends, access their news and even get opinions about products and services.

Let’s look at a couple reasons why this is important…

What are some of the statistic that explain who the real power social media users are?

The statistics that are included in the infographic below from FO shows that the top social media power users are women and that the #1 way they use it is via a social media website. This allows them to get their news, interact with friends, shop online and so much more. Additionally, it shows that of ALL online adults using social media multiple times per day, women social media data usage is about 30% whereas men use it around 26%. When it comes to shopping online, it reveals that women have more brand loyalty for the following areas:

  • Show support
  • Access offers
  • Stay current
  • Comment

So as an entrepreneur, if you are planning on building your brand on social media, it is a great idea to make sure that you have all of these brand loyalty options built into your online presence. These can allow you to engage your brand loyalist who are social media power users, easily and quickly.

What are some of the top resources used to consume social media power users?

To reach the power social media users via resources, some of the top ways to do this is via:

  • News: what better way to connect with them than via news resources. Of the adults who consume news on social media, 58% are women and 42% are men. The numbers are similar on websites like Facebook (58% women & 42% men) and Google+ (52% women & 48% men).
  • Mobile: takes into account smartphones and tablets being used to access social media. On smartphones, 46% are women and 43% are men and on tablets, 32% are women and 20% are men.
  • Photo sites: like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are where more women are using these top visual social media websites.

As entrepreneur, it is key to understand who the social media power users are and to engage them. Especially, if they are your target market  and you want them to buy your products and service. What would be great, is to marry this information with your target market research to help you develop a strategy to reach your target customer.

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