What questions do you answer on social media with your efforts?

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When you interact on social media, do you have a purpose in mind? Or are you just sharing information from all over that doesn't have a general theme? A key to success on social media is that you answer one question with your efforts.

That question explained…

What am I passionate about and how can my knowledge help grow my business while reaching my targeted customers? Just like the TV series “Dr. Who“, there is one question that can be asked and answered which would solve all of the world's problem. Even though you aren't solving the world's problems, you can still enhance the environment where you are sharing your online presence.

The question asked…

Who Am I on Social Media? If you don't know your identity or understand where you fit in, then you just may not be reaching your target customers. In the world of social media, having a niche for your business is very important.

For example, I'm known for my social media efforts and web development skills. I use these to help business owner develop their online presence while attracting their target customers. What are you known for in your circle of influence?

The question defined…

To help you answer the question, “Who Am I on social media?”, let's take a look at a few questions that can get you started:

  • Who are my target customers?
  • How am I reaching them?
  • What are the keywords that I focus on when I trying to reach my target customers?
  • Where do my target customers hangout on social media?
  • How do my peers view me and my social media efforts?

Start with these questions and see where the answers will lead you. I would love to know your answers so please let a comment below as you share the results that you have for each of the above questions.

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