Positive Encouragement: What will you do with your dreams

by | Kim Beasley, Motivational | 0 comments

What are your dreams & how can you apply positive encouragement to them?

I have learned that when we dream big and make an effort to reach our dreams that we can accomplish more than what we could ever hope or believe. What are your dreams and are you still working towards reaching them? Check out the video below and then share in the comments what the video stirs up in you.

What is the key to being prepared for positive encouragement?

Keep in mind these three simple tips:

  • Be ready to take action
  • Be open minded to change
  • Be prepared to go the distance

positive encouragement - social media - motivateMotivation is a state of mind and it is always changing. By maintaining an open mind you will be ready to embrace new opportunities and experiences. Be ready to take action when the time is right and these doors open for you. It can help you create an atmosphere of positive encouragement.

By using social media to encourage yourself and others, it will allow you to share things that you find positive and helpful. It is likely your social media circle will find it helpful too and appreciate it. They may even reshare your content on social media.

Lastly, you must be prepared to go the distance. You will always be growing and learning and life takes stamina! Be ready for the ups and downs and know that you are always getting closer to your goal.

How can you motivate yourself after trying and failing different things

Don't quit or allow yourself to procrastinate. According to the tips from Forbes.com (14 Easy Ways to Get Insanely Motivated), the five most important are listed below:

  • Avoid negative people. They drain your energy and waste your time, so hanging with them is like shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Seek out the similarly motivated. Their positive energy will rub off on you and you can imitate their success strategies
  • Take responsibility for your own results. If you blame (or credit) luck, fate or divine intervention, you’ll always have an excuse.
  • Celebrate your failures. Your most important lessons in life will come from what you don't achieve. Take time to understand where you fell short.
  • Treat inaction as the only real failure.  If you don’t take action, you fail by default and can't even learn from the experience.

Congratulate yourself for trying. Most people fail because they won't even take the first step of positive encouragement. Look at failure as a way to learn and consider why you failed. What kind of changes do you need to make so your next attempt is successful? Maybe you need a whole new game plan. Failure means you tried and learned. Take those lessons with you and move on.

What are some ways that social media can be used to motivate us?  

Social Media is an excellent place to find encouragement.  Everyone needs positive reinforcement. Sharing and being receptive to videos or quotes on social media is a great way to motivate yourself and others. Brands such as Hoops & YoYo share encouraging tidbits almost every day and being connected to them on Facebook will open you up to their humor and motivational tips.

You can also use social media by connecting  with others and learning from their experience. You can ask questions and get feedback. By choosing to connect with other people who have the same positive goals and are working towards them you are gaining knowledge and motivation.

What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?

Having a written list of things you want to do and accomplish is a great way to stay on target. If you don't complete the goal, don't put your self down. Motivate yourself to stay positive. Surround yourself with positive people and positive things in your life. Choose people who are honest and will challenge you as well as encourage you. You must maintain a good balance and keep things in perspective.