Positive Effects of Social Media on Students

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While there is a lot of studies out there focusing on the negative effects of social media on students, there is another side to the story. Social media has actually been found to have positive effects on both teens and students.

When surveyed on how their social media usage affected their everyday lives, students claimed that it gave them more self-confidence, improved their relationships, and even made them more socially conscious. That’s not all that social media can offer. Keep reading to discover some of the other positive effects social media can have on students.

Easier Collaboration with Social Media

When it comes to education, nothing has streamlined group projects and studying quite like technology. From Google Docs to Flowboard, there are now more tools than ever for student collaboration. With lower commute times and easier flexibility in scheduling, social media has made it simpler and more realistic for students to work together.

Students can make groups for their classes on social networks like Facebook, and use integrated messaging and video chat tools to communicate long after the final bell has rung.

A New Way of Networking

For those students in college or higher education, networking is becoming increasingly important. Thankfully with social media platforms like LinkedIn networking can be done from the comfort of your home.

Students are able to take advantage of these platforms to upload their resumes, connect with professionals, and apply for jobs. Social media has transformed the way students think about life after education and finding opportunities for internships and jobs.

Familiarity With Technology

Another positive effect of social media on students is its ability to get students, especially young students, familiar with how to use technology. Today most young people know how to upload a picture, fix minor computer problems, share links, and adjust settings.

These things would have seemed impossible for older generations to learn and adapt to at the rapid pace that students are at today. Familiarity with technology also plays a big role in helping students get jobs in tech fields.

Social Media as an Outlet for Creativity

Social media also has a positive effect on students because it provides them an outlet for their creativity. Whether it’s posting a shot on Instagram, writing poetry on Tumblr, or sharing something they’ve created on Twitter, social media is the perfect tool for students to showcase their creative work.

In fact, there are tons of communities out there where amateur and professional artists alike share their creative work on various social media platforms. Social media is a powerful tool that, when used productively, can have a positive effect on students’ education and future.

The original creation date was September 2017 and was updated in January 2020.