Podcoaching: How to Use a Podcast to Gain New Coaching Clients, Part A

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Podcasting connects people who have a message with people who want to hear it. Yet, how can coaches take advantage of creating and hosting a podcast for their own coaching businesses? You’ll learn the benefits of podcoaching and how it can help you lower your enrollment costs and gain new coaching clients.

Podcoaching is the combination of podcasting and coaching. Think of it as coaching on the go. As a coach, you can create a podcast, highlight your area of expertise, help your target audience solve issues and showcase your coaching skills.

A podcast doesn’t give you the green light to focus on you, your life or your problems. Instead, podcoaching can help you to connect with a wider audience, plus offer your clients and prospects another freebie to help them build a rapport with you.

There are many benefits why as a coach, you should add podcoaching to your marketing strategy:

  1. You can offer information on the go. Many people enjoy podcasts because they can be downloaded to an MP3 player and can be listened to it while working out, while commuting to work or while surfing the web. As a coach, you can offer great advice just by recording clever and useful information that people can listen to whenever they feel like it.
  2. You can showcase your coaching skills to more people. If the growth of your coaching business is stymied by a lack of money, podcasting can help you reach a bigger audience without having to incur travel or advertising costs.
  3. Your cost-to-enrollment will be much cheaper. Imagine getting a crop of new clients who are ready to purchase one of your packages all because they are regular listeners of your podcast. Instead of going through 10 or 20 one-to-one complimentary sessions, only to turn 5 of them into clients, your podcast will help your prospects feel so familiar with you that when they contact you, they are ready to pay your fees. With this group, you’ll be able to skip the complimentary session, thus decreasing your enrollment costs and increasing the amount of money you’ll put in your pocket.
  4. Your podcast promotes you so you can focus on other areas of your business. With over 24-million iPods purchased by consumers in North America, iPodders are now looking for content to add to their listening devices. Through viral marketing, your podcast will gain more and more subscribers, which in turn helps you save money on marketing and promotions. You can then focus on other areas of your business while your podcast acts as a virtual audio billboard.

Podcoaching is an excellent way to compliment your existing marketing efforts. In Part 2, we’ll explore what type of content you should include in your podcast so that it captures a listener’s attention.

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