For World Introvert Day 2021, Kim Beasley brought together 14 industry leaders, which included Dr. Simon Raybould. Listen in to the full podcast as Dr. Simon shares tips that will help you grow your business online. His tips center in on creating a marketing strategy and figuring out your business “why”.

About Dr. Simon

Simon started his working life as a research scientist and his PhD looked at the environmental causes of childhood leukemias. He's also been an author, a playwright, a lighting designer for dance companies, an opera director, and a fire eater!

He's one of the UK's recognised authorities on making better presentations and has written several books on the subject. His latest – Presentation Genius – debuted at number six on the high street best sellers list.

What makes him special as a trainer is his scientific background. He rarely “does opinion” and never says “do it like me”. For Simon, it's about the science of what works best for most of the people, most of the time. (Sorry but nothing works all the time for everyone – get over it!)

Final Thoughts

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