What is Pinterest and How Does it Work?

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Another great social media network is Pinterest. You may be asking the questions, what is Pinterest and how does it work?  I am going to share some basic information with you, that will help answer both of these questions. This blog post is the fifth one in the series about the top social media networks. To read the previous blog posts in the series, please visit: Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

what is pinterestSo what is Pinterest and how does it work?  It's a visual social media network place that you can share and organize images for others to view. The images you post are called pins and become little bookmarks that point back to sites they came from. Share anything from quotes and recipes or pins that help you market your business!

Basic tips about Pinterest to help you get started!

Now that I have explained what is pinterest, let's take a look at how it works. When you create an account on Pinterest, you need to decide what your focus is. Once you decide your focus, you can create your different categories which are called boards. You can also follow other users boards of pins they share that interest you and follow, like, and share them on your board.
  • Determine your focus: Are you going to use it for personal or business purposes? Decide what types of pins you would like to share and who you would like to share them with.
  • Create a board: A board is where you will be able to put your pins and organize them. You can have several boards.
  • Join boards: Just like with other social networks, you can follow other users boards if you like their pins. Follow those who you would like to have in your network. Let others see what types of pins you like.

What is Pinterest good for on a personal level?

Now I would like to share a few tips that can help you use Pinterest on a personal level. If there are pins you like and you would like to share them with your family and friends, you can do so. Most personal accounts are centered around hobbies, events, or interests.
  • Follow Hobbies: You can find several boards with different hobbies like scrapbooking or fishing; that share tips, ideas, and even new hobby ideas.
  • Find recipes: If you like creating new dishes or seeing how someone makes a dish, you can search the recipe boards.
  • Find services: We all like to share with others about services we used; it doesn't matter if the service was good or bad. We always share our experience. Search the boards to see what others have posted about services that your looking for.

How can businesses use Pinterest to connect with their target market?

As a business, you can benefit from using Pinterest. You can use it for building brand recognition, increasing traffic to your website, and marketing your products. You can share images of your products you offer or create images of the services you provide to reach your target market.
  • Business Section: Any business that has or uses a lot of visual content to market their business; will benefit from using Pinterest for reach their target market. Individuals look at images before they read content, so this is a good way to get your target markets attention.
  • Links to website: You can share links to images from your websites to help drive your target market to your site. 
  • Board cultivation: You want to make sure you create or join boards that focus and center in on what your target market is. Creating boards or joining boards that your customer would search for.

Watch the news segment below of myself discussing just what is Pinterest and how does it work!


In conclusion; whether your looking at using Pinterest for personal or business, it's a great way to connect and share your visual content with others.