What is the internet behavior of PC users

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internet behaviorIn this first installment regarding internet behavior, I am looking into how PC users behave on the internet.  As I look deeper internet behaviorsinto knowing who my target market is I have began to research the different types of devices my target market uses. Within the my target market, I have found that the PC, mobile and tablet users all have specific tendencies when it comes to their internet behavior.

What type of internet behavior do PC users exhibit?

Based off a study that was conducted by GlobalWebIndex where PC users were asked what they do online the following information was gathered:

Online activities – The top 10 activities that had the most growth are:

  • Used an aggregator
  • Subscribed to a RSS feed
  • Sold a product online
  • Made a phone call/ used VOIP
  • Watched a full length sports program
  • Written a news story or article
  • Used a social book market service
  • Edited/managed own website
  • Steamed a full length TV show LIVE
  • Listened to LIVE radio online

Benefits of a PC – One of the biggest benefits of using a PC is the price. For the amount you might spend on a laptop you'll get a more powerful computer. You can also upgrade your hard drive and easily add RAM to the PC. PC's are also considerably easier to maintain and keep clean. 

PC User Stats – The activities that had the highest percentage of users were the users who watched a full length TV show or sports program, used a social bookmark service and last but not least listened to LIVE radio. I think that this is one of the most interesting things about the internet behavior of PC users. From these findings I now believe that PC users prefer to have more control over the amount of ads they are exposed to when viewing a program or listening to a radio show.

What type of reach does their internet behavior have?

As I dig deeper into this study of the internet behavior of PC users I'm not surprised to see that video was at the top of the list for activities that had reach. Each of these behaviors have a different type of influence and reach:

Activities with Influence – 

  • 73% of PC users watched a video clip 
  • 68% searched for a product or service to buy
  • 67% used Webmail
  • 65% used a social networking service
  • 64% checked the weather online
  • 63% used internet banking
  • 62% purchased a product online
  • 62% checked information on music, leisure and entertainment
  • 61% uploaded photos online
  • 59% managed your social network profile

What Does This Mean – As you look over these statistics you might see a certain pattern emerging. With video being at the top you can see that the power and RAM that PC users enjoy allows them to view hours of video online without slowing down the performance of their PC. This isn't the case with mobile or tablet users.

In Terms of Marketing – As a business owner this information can be very valuable. When marketing to PC users you should take into account the activities that they engage in the most and utilize those venues to reach out to them. By knowing where your target will be you have the unique insight of knowing they are more likely to view your ad/post.

How can this information be beneficial?

  • For business owners – In business having knowledge of your target market's internet behavior allows you to be more effective in your marketing messages. It's invaluable in making you aware of how to approach each category of potential customers because you can focus your message based on their preferences.
  • For parents – This information can be very beneficial to parents as well. You can learn a lot about the types of activities that your kids are engaging in. This can also be used as insight on how to reach your kids and communicate with them.
  • For families – Just as this information can be valuable for parents, knowledge of internet behavior can help everyone in the family. Purchasing decisions, increased communication and family time are just some of the benefits that this knowledge can provide. 

There is so much information that can be learned from your target market. As you grow as a business owner and as your customer base grows remember to keep their happiness in mind when putting together marketing plans. Tell me what you think of this post in the comments below.