PayPal Fraud Happen to Me, WOW!

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 1 comment

So I logged into my PayPal personal account to check the status and to make updates to my account. To my surprise, $897 was stolen from me twice with a fee of $1 charged twice. I couldn't believe my eyes and thought that I had logged into the wrong account somehow.

Immediately, I called PayPal to get the issue resolved. I felt that it was an injustice and I also felt violated. My first thought was, “How could someone get access to an account that isn't associated with anything, anywhere on the internet?”. I have to admit that I'm surprised how efficiently everything was handled by PayPay because they did and excellent job assisting me.

My angel in disguise name was Pat (operator #42205). She was very calming, reassuring and knowledgeable regarding how to fix the issue. I asked her if there was an extra level of security that I could add to my PayPal account and she said…

To add an extra level of security to your PayPal account, you can have a randomly generated Security Key in addition to your email & password. The Security Key can be sent to you 3 different ways: via credit card, flob or texted to your cell phone. Every time you log into PayPal, you will be prompted for a new Security Key that will be generate for you on the spot. Click here to checkout the PayPal Security Key option.

I am so thankful to Pat (operator #42205) for doing such a great job at handling everything and smoothing out the rough areas. I'm going to send an email to [email protected] to let them know how much I appreciate all that Pam did to assist me.

The final solution…

The person at the receiving email address was sent a notice that they received a fraudulent payment and was asked to refund the money to me. If it is found that this was a part of the fraud, they will be prosecuted by PayPal. If they refund the money and it's found they were not part of the scam then I don't know what will happen to them. As a matter of fact, all persons found to be part of this fraud will be prosecuted. I was told that it could be resolved immediately if the person refunds the money to me or could take up to 10 days to receive my money back otherwise.