Parenting in an Electronics Age: Be aware of apps, games and e-shopping

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In this series, I will be sharing about: Parenting in an Electronics Age. For the first topic of the series, I am going to share information regarding the things parents should be aware of when it comes to apps, games, and e-shopping.

Over the past few years, technology has really evolved and continues to do so. Most kids today have an electronic device they use to be online. Every day there seems to be a new app, a new game, or a new place to shop online.

Parenting in an Electronics Age: apps, games, and e-shopping

Parenting in an Electronics Age it's important to be aware of things with apps, games, and e-shopping. There are several apps, games and e-shopping sites out there, with more being created every day.  Some are free and several require you to purchase them. Kids are always looking for the next cool app to use, the most popular games to play, or buying items through e-shopping.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, most kids today all have an electronic device they use to constantly online with. They are spending money, sharing personal information, and using online chats. These are things parents should be aware of with apps, games, and e-shopping.

Why should parents be concerned with this technology?

Parents don't always know what their kids are doing on their electronic devices. They are constantly using apps, games, and e-shopping from their devices. Spending money without permission, sharing their information, and using various app chats. Below are some important factors on why Parenting in an Electronics Age should be a concern:

  • Spending Habits – The companies they are purchasing things through don't require them to have their parents consent or authorization. This has become a huge problem. Some companies have already agreed to refund millions and are working on fixing this issue. Parents can help by putting a limit or a block on their kid's devices. This will prevent them from being able to purchase anything without your authorization.
  • Sharing Information – Kids don't think about all the information they are sharing when they buy items. This puts them and their parents at risk of having their information hacked and used. Parents can change the settings and add security to their kid's electronic devices to prevent them from sharing certain information.
  • Online Chats – Most apps today have chats kids can talk and share pics with other app users. They just assume that it's safe and don't think about their safety. Parents can research these apps to learn which ones are safe for their kids to use. They can also update the security on the devices to block apps from being used.

What are some positives of allowing your kids to use apps, games, and eshopping?

Even though there are things parents should be aware of with apps, games, and e-shopping, there are positives as well. Kids can improve their skills in technology, use them for learning opportunities and engage with family and friends.

  • Technology Skills – They can improve their skills in technology by using them. This will also help them to learn more about them. Kids who don't improve their skills will have a harder time learning new technology. This will make it more difficult for them to obtain jobs in the future.
  • Learning Opportunities – Kids can use apps and games to learn new things, be creative, and problem solves on their own. If they have technology accessible to them, they can figure out how to do things on their own.
  • Engaging with Family/Friends – Kids can use them to improve their social skills. Most kids will keep better contact with family and friends this way. It's easier for them to post pics and statuses for them all to see.

In conclusion about Parenting in an electronics age

It's very important for those Parenting in an Electronics Age to be aware of the apps, games and e-shopping sites their kids use. That way you can monitor what's going on with your children and ensure they are protected.