How to opt out of Facebook ads

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

Recently, I started the journey of trying to figure out how to opt out of Facebook ads. If you are like me, you don't like it that when you are on Facebook, they show you ads related to other websites that you have visited.

Yes this is a pet peeve of mine that I've tried to be understanding about. Yet it really bothers me that when I go to look for a hotel on one website and then go to another website like Facebook, I have ads showing up regarding the very things I was searching for. That's kind of scary to think that my privacy is invaded that much.

Basics to opt out of Facebook ads

So I chose to follow the rabbit down the Facebook wonderland hole regarding security and privacy issues. After clicking on several links, I finally got to the source or website where I could opt out of these ads. The link to the website is: and it's called “Digital Advertising Alliance” or DAA. Below is a screenshot of how you can find it in the security section of Facebook.

opt out of facebook ads -


When you opt out of Facebook ads, you are given the options protect your opt out status with a Chrome extension. Here's the link to the Chrome extension to protect your opt outs, click here. Note: I noticed that it doesn't get rid of all of your ads which to me is another reason to be concerned about privacy. It does get rid of most ads though.