New tool lets you know when your friends are near you, hmmm…

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Loopt is the name of the tool that allows you to automatically see when your friends a near you. Is this something that we really need to know. What about safety issue in case someone is stalking you. Let's see how this one pans out.

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Loopt Automatically Lets You Know When Your Friends Are Nearby

Geolocation service Loopt has just rolled out a new feature that lets users find out when their friends are nearby, whether or not they check in.

The feature, which has been in beta for the last few weeks, takes advantage of the background location feature of the Loopt for iPhone and Android (Android) apps. For example, if I'm at a bar or restaurant and my friend is around the corner (assuming we both choose to share our location information with one another, of course), we'll get alerted that the other is nearby. Likewise, if a friend checks in to a location or event a block or two away, I'll get an alert and can opt to walk over and join the party.

I spoke with Sam Altman, the co-founder and CEO of Loopt, earlier this afternoon. He said that Proximity sensors have completely changed how he has been using the service. He says the feature is a great way to facilitate impromptu get-togethers while making the constant checkin cycle less necessary.