Need encouragement to be creative? Read 5 Ways to boost creativity…

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When we get a block while being creative, sometimes we need a boost. This article shares 5 different ways to boost your creativity. Do you use any of the ways mentioned? Are there other ways that you boost your creativity that aren't listed? Please share.

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5 Real Ways to Boost Creativity (Everything You Know About Being Creative is Wrong)

No doubt, you've taken some creativity training — either back in college or on the job. You know all about Creativity Circles, brainstorming sessions, and crowdsourcing innovation through suggestion boxes. And you know what?  It's pretty much all hogwash.

According to Newsweek, brainstorming sessions were discredited as far back as 1958, when it was found that the technique measurably reduces the creative output of a group compared to what they'd accomplish separately. (I did not know that.)