The Best Mobile Project Management Apps 2014

by | Kim Beasley, Technology | 0 comments

mobile project management apps

Mobile project management apps are apps that allow you to manage your teams, various tasks and projects from your phone. There comes a time that you will begin to see that the monster to-do list is now a project and with team participation you need a way to keep everything in one place. With the wave of mobile technology becoming more of a staple for business owners to utilize let's take a look at some of the best project management apps.

What are the best mobile project management apps to manage your business on the go?

With so many apps popping up it can be tiring trying to figure out what's best for you and your organization.There are iPhone and Android apps available and a lot of the apps can work in either operating system. If you are using a desktop project management system look into if they have a mobile version available.

  •  iPhone Apps that help manage your projects – These apps are compatible with the iOS operating system. Visit your app store to research the apps that are available.
  • Android Apps that help manage your projects  – If you are an Android phone user there are mobile project management apps that work with the android operating system. Visit Google Play to take a look at the list of apps for this type of mobile phone.
  • What to look for in an app – No matter what type of mobile phone you are using there are certain things to look for in an project management app. You want to make sure that you can track the progress of the projects you and your team are working on. And most importantly you want to be able to have a streamlined view of all of your tasks so that you can address any issues or questions from your team.

 What’s the best iPhone apps for project management?

For all of you who are iPhone users there are some really excellent apps out there for you. No matter how simple or intricate your project is there are mobile project management apps that will fit your needs. Here are a few that I recommend:

  •  Bitrix24 – Available through the app store the free Bitrix24 App gives you access to your social intranet and you can collaborate on projects from anywhere! 
  • LiquidPlanner – This apps gives you a streamlined view of all your tasks, remote access to the desktop carrying the LiquidPlanner software, real time analytics and much more!
  • Wrike – Geared to keep you on top of your deadlines, this app has an activity stream that focuses on the tasks that are priority. It also features a schedule reminder for important tasks and a time report function.
  • My MBA – Although this app is geared towards those who are pursuing a MBA if you can benefit from all the necessary theories behind successful management and how it can be applied in real-world applications, you will definitely find this app useful.

 What’s the best Android apps for project management?

For the Android user there are apps that are effective as well. These mobile project management apps allow you to work on tasks big and small in collaboration with your team. Check out these suggestions to access which one is right for you:

  •  Bitrix24Conveniently available through Google Play, you can also view contact details of your co-workers, read news in your Activity Stream, manage files, schedule events, monitor tasks, post comment and ‘like' things that are being discussed, as well as work with the CRM.
  • Asana – This hybrid task and project manager is good for individuals and organizations. You can easily add multiple projects, project goals and the progress of your whole team.
  • Trello – This tool is different from the others because of its drag and drop interface. It has columns and cards that are easy to drag around, add supporting details to, comment on, and assign from person to person on your team. You can create different boards for different projects, set due dates or times for each card or set of cards, and more. 
  • Microsoft OneNote – Although this is a remarkable note-taking tool it can effectively be used as a project management tool. It allows you organize complex projects with lots of to-dos and moving parts. 

Utilizing mobile project management apps is not only a smart decision for the efficiency of managing your projects but it allows you to have more control over meeting deadlines when you are dependent on other team members. Most of the apps I included in this post have free trials and/or free versions of the app. Tell me in the comments below if your going to go mobile with your project management in 2014.