Have you loved on your blog today by spending time with it? What I mean by this is have you added a new post to it so that it will know that you still love it? I'm declaring it “Love Your Blog” Day and encouraging all bloggers to love on their blog today.

If you have already loved on your blog then I applaud you and encourage you to do this everyday. I wained a little bit in showing love to my blog but now I'm back and looking forward to spending time sharing my knowledge via my blog.

Some of the ways that I'm loving on my blog:

  • Updating plugins
  • Updating WordPress installation
  • Adding plugins that make it run better
  • Adding content that encourages others to read it's feed
  • Sharing links to it
  • Applying SEO techniques
  • And finally, updating the look of it

What are some ways that you love on your blog?