How to use LinkedIn effectively, personally and in business

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Among the popular social media networks is LinkedIn and I want to share tips to help you learn how to use LinkedIn effectively. It is a great network where you can get connected online whether its for business or for personal use. This is the third article in the series about social media network. To read the previous blog post, please visit these links: Google+ or to use linkedin effectively

Just think of LinkedIn being a social media network that will allow you to take flight where your career is concerned. It can also be where you can grow your company brand easily.

When it comes to your career, LinkedIn is a great resource for finding jobs, connecting with potential employers and even building your personal image to be a potential employee. As for your business, LinkedIn allows you to build company and showcase pages to help market your business and build your brand.

What tips can help me learn how to use LinkedIn effectively?

As you dive into using LinkedIn, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you use LinkedIn effectively:

  • Research topics: When you research topics on LinkedIn, it can help you find key people, companies or content that centers in on the keyword you use in your research.
  • Connect with brands: Being able to directly connect with brands and businesses that will fit into your online plan is important. Especially if you are looking to do business or be hired by them. Just remember that it's not a good idea to bother them or spam them with a lot of messages.
  • Search for jobs: One of the best things about LinkedIn is the ability to do a job search so that you can find employment. Not only can you find jobs, you can also connect directly with hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Publish post: A new feature of LinkedIn is the ability to publish posts and share your knowledge with others.

How can LinkedIn be used for personal use?

Another great way to use LinkedIn is by displaying the important information from your resume. This can help you with your job search on LinkedIn. To find out more about importing your resume info, click here.

As a personal careerbuilder, LinkedIn can be a really great way to not only post your resume; it can be a way for you to connect with recruiters as well. Make sure that you have specific keywords in your profile and resume that will allow recruiters to find you on LinkedIn.

What ways can businesses use LinkedIn to grow online?

As a business, it's important that you establish your presence on LinkedIn; which can help you learn how to use LinkedIn effectively. It can help you engage with your customers via your company page and showcase page. LinkedIn has created a FAQ section about company pages and showcase pages that you can read to learn more. Another great resource is LinkedIn's small and medium business section, click here for more details.

Below is an interview that I conducted with Lana Khavinson, Small Business Marketing Lead.

Another good resource that you can check out for more help is this excellent infographic: The Year of the Social Small Business

In conclusion; as you learn how to use LinkedIn effectively, the key to being a success with your efforts is engagement.