Leesa Barnes – Black Friday Podcasting Pack

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So you've been thinking about getting into podcasting or refining your podcasting skills, then you need to add a podcasting product that my friend, Leesa Barnes, has created for podcasters.

She took 5 of the top questions that people always ask her and found products in her vault that answer them. She's calling this package the Black Friday Podcasting Bundle and you will find products that will answer the following 5 questions:

  • If I'm Not an Expert, Should I Podcast?
  • How Can I Develop a Podcast that People Want to Hear or See?
  • What's the Best Way to Record My Audio Podcast?
  • What Do I Podcast About?
  • How Do I Get Started With Podcasting?

Now, here's the crazy part. First, the Black Friday sale is for a whole week. Second, you could get this bundle for
just $7 depending on the day you read this. Leesa's virtual assistant thought that was a misprint. So did I, but I know
Leesa is a stand up gal.

Every few days, the price goes up. So, click here to find out more. If you're itching to get a podcast up and running before 2008, this bundle will hold your hand step by step.

Once again, grab it by clicking here.

Kim Beasley