Learn how your style of handling social media stacks up to others

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This article provides information to show you how to determine the right social media style for your online efforts. What style are you?

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HOW TO: Pick the Right Social Media Engagement Style

Social Media Service ImageMatthew Latkiewicz works at Zendesk.com, customer support software. He writes for and edits Zengage, Zendesk's blog about customer engagement. He also writes about wine for McSweeney's and imagines stuff at his own website, youwillnotbelieve.us.

What's your customer engagement style? It's a question reminiscent of those light-hearted quizzes that proliferate magazines: Are you strong or sassy? Independent or group-focused? When someone @-replies you on Twitter (Twitter), do you respond immediately or wait a couple days?

These questions are actually important to consider. Why? Because customer engagement encompasses your company's customer service, support, and marketing. It also deals with your company's forums, Twitter accounts, blogs and meetups. How various companies use Twitter, YouTube (YouTube), Facebook (Facebook), and its ilk, goes a long way to define the long-term relationship consumers have with that brand.

There are some amazing success stories. Old Spice, using both Twitter and YouTube, recently ran a customer engagement masterclass that created a much-needed mania around the brand. Yet, for every success story, there are plenty of flops. When a Domino's Pizza employee uploaded a disastrous video about the company's hygiene standards to YouTube, a widespread negative viral campaign ensued.

The lesson: Ensure that your engagement style matches your company's brand, goals, and general attitude. We took a look at the top five engagement styles that currently dominate the social web. Which are you?

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