Learn how you can strategically build your dream business in 2016

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build your dream business

Are you thinking how you can build your dream business in 2016, or do you need to restructure your business for the new year? In my upcoming book The Creative Introverted Entrepreneur: A Roadmap to Build Your Dream Business. In this book, I will walk you through lessons that I have learned early on in my entrepreneurial journey to build my dream business.

Most importantly, you will learn how you can avoid the mistakes I made. Some of the topics I tackle are how to face your fears, using social media to grow your brand, and converting leads to customers. Here is some of the tips I delve into in my book, which can be purchased here. 

Face your fears to build your dream business

Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. Yet, at other times I can be my greatest supporter. During times when I’m being my own worst enemy, it just happens to also be when I’m most fearful. Fearful of standing out too much, fearful of what others think, or even fearful that I will fail. This is one of the biggest things new and existing entrepreneurs must tackle. Early on in my career, I had to recognized these three things about fear and its impact on me: 

  • Fear can not stop me from moving forward
  • Fear is only as big as I allow it to be
  • Fear will be demolished as I move ahead in developing my business

Once you overcome your fears, you can begin the journey of creating your the business that you always have wanted. 

Define your social media 

Another key area that is covered in the book is defining your social media and creating your brand. Building your business online and offline to attract your target customers should incorporate your social media presence. This means that you should have a profile on social media networks where your target customers can be found.

Although there are many social media networks, there a few top networks where you can assess if you should have a presence. The top seven social media networks are (can create personal profile and business page):

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

By setting up a social media presence, you'll grow the visibility of your dream business while also connecting with your target customers. 

Converting leads to customers 

Each person who ventures to your website, your social media profiles, or onto your mailing lists is a lead generation. How you draw them in, engage them, and encourage them to take action is very important. If you cultivate them just right, you can create a loyal customer who brings others with them.

Cultivating a lead means that you have different ways to stay connected with them. You can connect with them via a mailing list that sends out newsletters, autoresponders, or gives out freebies/giveaways. Maybe you want to touch your lead through social media so you could set-up contests, or special private groups.

However you choose to cultivate your lead, one of things you should have in place is a process that leads them from a sales page to converting them to loyal customers. One thing that has helped me in my business has been documenting processes. By documenting the sales process, I can monitor it and tweak anything that’s not working.

For more information and additional tips, check out The Creative Introverted Entrepreneur: A Roadmap to Build Your Dream Business on Amazon. 

build your dream business