Learn Why Freshbooks Is The Best Choice For Online Accounting Software

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Freshbooks is practically the best online accounting software available for small business owners. I must admit, I am not exactly the most organized person in the world. And although I love my business, the documentation and invoicing process is probably the most tedious part. So when I started looking for an app, software, website or anything that would help, I wasn’t really sure what exactly I would need. Luckily, I found Freshbooks.com, and I have to say that so far it definitely is the perfect tool for me.

An online accounting software that takes care of the invoicing

First of all, I get to create high quality custom invoices for my clients, complete with my brand logo, within minutes! I can create quotes and estimates, account for my billable hours, send the invoice via email and even get to know when it is viewed by the client. The time tracking feature helps in understanding exactly where I have room in my schedule. Most of my business is operated online and being able to except credit cards payments from my clients online has been a godsend. Clients love the convenience of paying me directly from the invoice, even when they are using their cellphone! This is a prime example of a great online accounting software that has a mobile app associated with it.

Freshbooks can also manage finances

Another important feature of Freshbooks that I found indispensable is their expense tracking with is a good addition to an online accounting software. Now, most of the apps out there simply replace the effort of storing receipts by the effort of manually typing the expenses out on the device. All Freshbooks needs is a picture of your business finances and it is taken care of! Not only does the app allow you to keep an eye on your spending, it also generates a number of financial reports that give you an overview of your business's performance. I have everything from profit and loss statements, expense reports, tax summaries and collected payments generated by Freshbooks.com, which made it easy for my accountant to make sure that business was thriving! The financial reporting feature also has a useful trick that allows you to see which of your clients are slow to pay.

I did not expect to find an online accounting software that offered so many features while also being easy to use, but I did! Freshbooks helped me save a great deal of time, money and energy so now my business is running more efficiently than it ever was; and I couldn't be happier! I'm definitely adding it to my Business Resources list.

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