No I’m not Kim Beazley, Yes I’m Kim Beasley

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For those who have the misfortune to share a name with a very famous person, I feel your pain because I share my name with Kim Beazley who is an Australian politician. I see this as a misfortune because when you search for Kim Beasley, you will see a lot of results for Kim Beazley. Some may feel that this is great, however I am not so thrilled.

Why it's important that I'm not known as Kim Beazley

I'm not thrilled about this because when I first created my website back in the early 2000s, people would speak negatively about Kim Beazley yet they would link to my website, Also, when doing a search on for my name, Kim Beazley is coming up as the main results.

This is important to me because…

  • I'm trying to position myself for my keywords
  • To build my personal brand as Kim Beasley
  • To make sure the correct information displays for my name in search

The interesting thing is that in my battle to my name, I tried to setup a Wikipedia page in 2008. However, I didn't know that you couldn't setup your own page so my hand was spanked and the link to my page was redirected to Kim Beazley. Recently, new Wikipedia page was created for me at Kim Beasley on Wikipedia and now it is finally starting to show up in search results. You can even find me on different social media website, see below: results for the search “Kim Beasley”

As you will see below, this is the first page results for when you do a search for “Kim Beasley”. Notice that my own website shows up in the second position and my Wikipedia page shows up second to Kim Beazley. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

I'm Kim Beasley not Kim Beazley search results for “Kim Beasley”

Below are the search results for which is a search engine created by Microsoft when you search for “Kim Beasley”. As you can see, Bing recognizes that my website is the Official Site and should be listed first for my name. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

I'm Kim Beasley not Kim Beazley

Search results on for “Kim Beasley”

Again, recognizes my content as more official when you do a search for “Kim Beasley”. Again, Kim Beazley shows up but he is not prominent over my website. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

I'm Kim Beasley not Kim Beazley

My final word is that all I want is for to reflect that my content should be more prominent for my name than Kim Beazley's content.