An Interview with Randy Jackson

by | Kim Beasley | 0 comments

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In a recent interview with American Idol judge Randy Jackson, we got an inside look into the hit show as well as Randy's thoughts on those other singing shows.

When it comes to American Idol, Randy feels truly blessed to be a part of the show. He'll never forget the powerful friends he made in Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.

Idol started with me, Simon, Ryan and Paula and that’s what really brought us to our prominence.  So those people are in my life forever, because we did something very unique and we had a chemistry that we lucked out with,” Randy stated about his former Idol judges.

He does however feel he has found another unique group in Steven Tyler and J-Lo. Randy stated that from the time he and Ryan went to breakfast with the two of them that there was just an instant connection and that's important on shows like American Idol.

What you see on American Idol is real. While the show is edited for time, Randy says that what you see is how they are. When the judges rallying someone auditioning or a contestant on stage, it's real. They love to see people that you may perceive one way just come on Idol and blow people away. It's about talent and according to Randy America is full of so many talented people.

As for those “other” singing shows, it seems this Idol judge feels there is more than enough talent to go around. Coast to coast talent spills over and so it doesn't matter if there are two or three singing shows on television. Plus these shows are on year around so they don't have a tendency to overlap one another. With Simon and the X-Factor commandeering a large portion of viewers, it should come as no surprise that Simon is looking to recruit Mariah Carey, who Randy manages, for the show.

When asked what he thought of that interesting twist  and would he be upset Randy stated, “No, no, no, not at all.   Look, I mean, she’s her own person. She can, of course, do whatever she wants and she always will do that.  Of course not. Simon is one of my dearest friends in the world, so of course not.” While Idol's ratings have faltered some, the show is in its eleventh season so that speaks volumes for its sustaining power.

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This year the show promises more as the judges put the contestants through more challenges than ever. According Randy, Hollywood week is a must see as they not only challenged the contestants but it seems people were passing out all over the place and the ambulance was called more than any other season. Makes you wonder what those poor contestants had to go through.

Throughout the interview one thing is for certain, Randy Jackson is just as personable and funny as he is on the show. It was a great inside look at the man and the show that captures television audiences each and every season.