What is the internet behavior of Mac users?

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internet behaviorAs I bring my research of the internet behavior of my target market to a close I have one last demographic that I feel is very important, Mac users. Although there is some debate over who is more popular between Microsoft & Apple, it is a definite that both companies have a very loyal following. 

It is this loyalty that made me include Mac users in my research. Let's take a closer look at the habits and demographics of Mac users.

What type of internet behavior do Mac users exhibit? 

  • Online Activities – Primarily my research has showed that Mac users are big gamers. In addition to basically the same activities as PC, mobile and tablet users, Mac users have built in apps that make their online experience unique. Those apps are:
    • iPhoto
    • iMovie
    • Garageband
    • iWeb
    • iDVD
  • Benefits of Mac – There are many advantages to using a Mac. Mac is said to be designed to be 100 percent immune to viruses designed for PCs. You can run both Windows programs and Mac programs on Mac computers. Lastly, Mac's are said to have fewer crashes and freezes because of how the hardware configuration and operating system communicate with each other.  
  • Comparison to PCs – When you compare Mac to PC there are 6 main thins to look at. They are:
    • Design – Macs are more design-oriented than PCs.
    • Price – Although Mac computers tend to be more pricey they aren't necessarily more expensive when you look at the added software you have to purchase for PCs.
    • Technical Specifications – In general Macs have faster processors than their Windows counterparts but tend to skimp slightly when it comes to RAM, hard disk space and USB ports.
    • Less choices in models – There are more models of PCs than Mac. Currently Mac offers just five lines: the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, the iMac and the Mac Pro. 
  • Availability – Mac is very selective about where it sells its products. Opposed to there being many different places that sell PCs.
  • Operating System – Mac is pre-installed with Os X Lion, while PC runs Microsoft Windows 8.

What type of reach does their behavior have?

Although PC and Mac users are very similar in their internet behavior, there are some differences in demographics. Here are facts about Mac users:

  • User demographics – In a study that asked if you identify yourself as a Mac or PC, users identified themselves as being more hip than PC users. Like in the Mac commercials, Mac users see themselves as young, trendy, liberal and New York Times Readers. This study was  conducted by Hunch which  a website that makes recommendations based on user preferences, 
  • Engaging activities – Mac users are very active online in Mac themed forums, Facebook pages and chat rooms. Their loyalty to the brand keeps them engaging in activities that show how loyal they are.
  • Marketing behaviors – Recent studies by PCWorld and PCMag found that readers chose Mac over every single brand of PCs available. This speaks volumes to the overall high percentage of customer satisfaction of Mac users. This type of word-of-mouth loyalty makes marketing very easy for Apple. 

How can this information be beneficial?

There are many benefits to paying attention to what type of internet behavior your target market has. If your target are Mac users this how the information can be used:

  • For business owners – Learning as much as you can about your target market is extremely important for business owners. A good example would be if your business is in software retail or manufacturing, knowing whether your target is a Mac or PC user can be crucial.
  • For parents – Great learning tool for children and teens that they can use to connect to others as they learn new skills and gain new knowledge. Parent can purchase software or apps that will enable them to enrich their learning process.
  • For educators – Many in the education world use Mac computers in the classroom thus having knowledge of how a Mac works is very important for educators. There's software that makes it easy for educators to learn how to integrate Macs into their learning curriculum. There's also specialized websites that allow educators to develop lesson plans.

I hope you enjoyed this series on internet behavior. There are many different types of devices out there and sometimes it can be hard to know which one is right for you and your family. One of the biggest things I take from this research is that more and more the internet is becoming integrated into our lives, no matter what device you use. Tell me what you think about this post in the comments below.  

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