Instagram, Snapseed, Flickr… Which photo sharing app will you use

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instagram_logoWith all of the uproar of users towards the latest announcement from Instagram, many are looking for alternative photo-sharing resources that they can use. According to the LA Times, Instagram will be responding in detail to users regarding their announcement to sale the users photos.

As users decide if they are going to take flight or stay, Instagram is trying to figure out how to fix the mess that they have created. There are actually, additional options for you if you choose to leave Instagram. One is Snapseed which gives you the same type of functionality. It has two different ways to use their application: mobile and desktop. See the video below for and overview.


Snapseed and Flickr Has A New Mobile App


For those who are not happy with Instagram's TOS (Terms of Service Agreement), that gives them the rights and ownership of our personal photos, allowing them to be able to use or sell them, there are other options for you. Instagram is not the photo sharing site out there, but I do believe they are the only ones who are trying to claim the rights and ownerships of our photos. The video below shares information on Snapseed, an excellent photo sharing resource. Listen to the video on what Snapseed has to offer.

[youtube i9_MWOaI9fg]

Another option to Instagram is Flickr who also has a mobile app version along with their web version. The video below shares more information about the iPhone app but it is also available for Android phones too.

[youtube YjV9clJQntU]

What Instagram Doesn't Have

As you could see in the videos above about Snapseed and Flickr, they have the exact same capabilities as Instagram. One major plus about both photo sharing sites is neither one of them are taking away our rights of ownership, nor do they want to. Both photo sharing sites have added some great new features to their application with a easier and more user friendly system. From more in depth photo enhancements to being able to apply several different effects or filters within just a few minutes. You are able to share your photos across social media networks, such as twitter, pinterest, and my all time favorite place to share photos on and that is Google+!

Our photos that we take are for our own personal use and memories, don't let Instagram take that away from you or those you personally know. Let people know what what Instagram is doing and choose to stay away from it and use one either Snapseed or Flickr for your photo sharing fun and pleasure. Of course make sure you share your photos with Google+, it is the best place on the internet!

Weigh in with what you will do below.