HuffPost Live – Social Media Customer Service Management

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HuffPost recently had a segment about social media customer service management. The segment also discusses how crowdsourcing can affect businesses and cause change.

social media customer service managementI enjoyed being part of this segment as social media customer service management is imperative to the success of your business and online reputation. The segment allowed myself and my colleagues to provide great tips for businesses when creating a social media customer service management plan.

The main point is social media has changed the way customers interact with business. Customers now expect immediate response and instant gratification.

Huffpost Live Show details:

Have you ever had a problem with a company but couldn't get through to it to resolve the issue? Social media changes that. Consumers are able to bring their issues to the forefront through social media to create change.

Originally aired on July 18, 2013

Hosted by: Alyona Minkovski

  • Daniel Gleich (New York, NY) CEO/Founder of Social Power ; Consumer Advocate
  • Kim Beasley @kimbeasley (Kansas City, MO) Social Media Strategist
  • Yaneek Page @yaneekpage (Kingston, Jamaica) Certified Entrepreneurship Trainer; Executive Producer for The Innovators TV Show
  • Molly Mednikow @AmazonCares (Atlanta, GA) Founder of Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety Charity

Social media customer service management tips for businesses

This Huffpost segment is a very important one to business of all sizes and types. Social media has changed the way we do business especially how we provide customer service. Customers expect a response when posting on social media within one hour. Customers may turn to social media for a response instead of calling or emailing. Some of the tips discussed on HuffPost Live were:

  • Do not delete the complaints – The biggest mistake you can make is deleting negative comments customers post. Even though you delete the comment, it is still online and the customer may post elsewhere further escalating the situation.
  • Address any issues quickly- You must monitor all your social media outlets regularly and address any issues posted by customers. Complaints can grow if unattended.
  • Be positive – Even if the customer is negative, you must remain positive. Other customers are also seeing how you handle complaints and you want to come across as positive.
  • Be prepared – Have a strategy in place to deal with negative comments and social media customer service management.
  • Look at complaints as a gift- Complaints are an opportunity to make it right. Customers that had a complaint that you satisified are more likely to be appreciative and share their positive experience.

Tips for customers who use social media for customer service

If you are the customer it is just as important to know how to get the answer you want. How do you get businesses to provide you excellent customer service through social media? There is an art to making a complaint. You do want the company to respond and fix your problem. Below are tips for customers to keep in mind when making a complaint on social media.

  • State the problem – Be very clear in stating the problem you are having. Do not get off point and also state what you expect the company to do.
  • Do not go negative – Do not berate the company. Stay positive for a positive result.
  • Use #nevahold – #nevahold helps to get a quick response as it is followed and shared by many.
  • Thank the company for responding – Don't forget to show your appreciation when the problem is taken care of for you.
  • Use crowdsourcing- Connect with others who want the same changes as you. There is power in numbers and social power can help make your desires known to companies.

Businesses can benefit from using social media customer service management

There are many ways businesses can use social media customer service management to their benefit. Your customers are just a few clicks away. You do not have to wait for a complaint to provide excellent customer service. Reach out to your customers. Some of the ways you can use social media customer service to your benefit are:

  • Offer discounts – You can send customers on social media special discount codes or offers as an incentive to come to your site and make a purchase.
  • Find out what your customers want – Ask your customers questions. Social media is meant to be social and interacting by asking questions allows you to find out what your customers need and want from you.
  • Identify problems – If the same problems are being posted you know you need to change something.

Who should be responsible for your social media customer service management?

Your social media customer service management is very important. A negative comment can quickly go viral and bring down your business. It is very important to hire someone who is qualified to monitor your social media.  ARTICLE.

Some of the things to look for in a social media manager are:

  • Detailed oriented – You need someone that can read between the lines and pay attention to every detail.
  • An understanding of  how platforms operate – Social media managers need to know a lot more than just how to use Facebook or Twitter. They must know how to interact with customers.
  • Ability to read insights and analytics – Social media managers must be able to read the analytics reports and have the knowledge to take your business in the right direction.
  • Importance of not just pushing information, but engaging – Content is king. Managers of social media must know how to engage and provide value to customers. They should not just be pushing information, but providing a service.

You must remember that if a company is not minding their presence on social media then other companies are taking advantage of your disgruntled customers. Don't loose your customers to your competitors. Make sure you are monitoring and managing your customer service.