How To Protect Your Business With A Social Media Policy

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Have you developed an understandable social media policy for your business?

Continue reading to learn the importance of having a policy in place. A social media policy will help keep your business running smoothly, happy employees, productive projects, and a healthy reputation. By having a social media policy, you will be able to communicate the expectation you have about how social media can be used within your business. Establishing parameters will help your employees understand what’s acceptable and what’s not.

social media policy - kim beasley - increase business visibilitysocial media policy - kim beasley - increase business visibilityWhat should you include in your social media policy?

  • What they can do versus what they can’t: Many companies have found success in detailing what their employees can do with social media and public platforms, in comparison to what they should stay away from. It’s a good idea to introduce or remind your employees how good use of social media looks like.
  • Email and Digital Communication: For a company, transparency is a positive approach, only if you are not disclosing confidential information. Remember to include this type of conduct in your policy. Be very specific regarding the criteria for approved ways to communicate using email and digital communication. 
  • Blogging and Writing Policy: For those businesses that blog, it’s essential that you inform your bloggers about your content marketing strategy. Within this strategy, ensure that you communicate what the acceptable topics are, the tone that you want the blog to have, and that the bloggers understand that they represent your business when they write or communicate in your name. Also, as a business, remember to have in place the proper copyrights and usage cases for images, audio, and video.
  • Sharing Roles in A Responsible Way: Allow your employees to use their platforms to share their roles at your company in a positive fashion. Establish what they can include via their social media profiles in regard to working for you.

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