How to overcome roadblocks to closing a sale

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Good point to help business owners overcome 5 roadblocks that can hinder the closing of a sale.

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5 Roadblocks to Closing a Sale and How to Overcome Them

Complex B2B deals involve consensus-building.  As you work through the various individuals and organizations, your goal is to create a snowball effect, so that the decision to buy gradually becomes inevitable.  Moving a complex B2B sale forward thus means building momentum through a series of small “closes,” each of which creates additional consensus.

The key to this momentum building process is to get as many stakeholders as possible to make some kind of public commitment to your idea. A public commitment might be agreeing to introduce you at a meeting, or an email sent to other stakeholders, or taking you down the hall to talk to another individual. When you've got enough of these alliances and coalitions (symbolized by these public commitments) the final “close” is a mere formality.