How to Integrate LinkedIn Into Your Social Media Efforts

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LinkedIn is not often the first website you think of when you think of social media. It’s often associated with professional connections and a way to get jobs and hire employees. While this is true, LinkedIn is also a valuable tool for increasing your company’s visibility and improving your social media presence. With the right strategies, it can be easy to seamlessly integrate Linkedin into your social media efforts. Keep reading for more tips on how you can boost your company’s visibility by using LinkedIn.

Create An Effective LinkedIn Page

The first step to integrating LinkedIn into your social media efforts is to create an appealing and effective company page. You can do this in many ways, but the easiest is to focus on optimizing your LinkedIn page to gain more visibility.

Make sure that you have a professional profile picture. Whether that be a high-quality headshot of yourself or an image of your company’s logo, make sure it fits the box properly without being cut out, and it’s the appropriate resolution. Your profile picture is the first thing customers are going to look at when they go to your page, and a blurry or pixelated picture can only hurt you. This same thing goes for your banner photo or cover photo. Choose a picture that is high quality and represents your company’s mission.

You also want to include your most recent products, activity, special promotions, and opportunities on your homepage so customers can easily access them. You also want to take the time to reach out to customers, clients, and associates and connect with them. You can do this by requesting to connect much like a friend request or follow on other social media sites, send them a message, and even ask them to recommend your product or service if it’s appropriate.

Engage With Your Target Customers

Unlike other social media platforms, the users you’ll find on LinkedIn are all there for the same thing—to get down to business. LinkedIn users aren’t there to post pictures of their dogs or chat about their weekend, they’re there to make meaningful professional connections and market their skills. With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of effort on finding your target customers, because they’ve already been sorted through. All that’s left for you to do is engage with them.

A great way to engage with customers on LinkedIn is to reach out and connect. If you’re familiar with their company or product, giving them a good recommendation is an easy way to engage and receive feedback from them as well. You can also join groups and discussion boards related to your industry that can introduce you to new people and give you the chance to interact with them.

Connect Your Profile With Other Social Media Efforts

If your company has other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, it’s a good idea to go ahead and link these profiles up to your LinkedIn page. This is an easy way to merge your social media efforts and connect your accounts. For Twitter, there is a LinkedIn application called “Tweets” that allows you to seamlessly integrate your Twitter with your account. By doing this you can have a better chance at generating quality leads and expanding your social media network. Some things that you can do when you link other social media accounts to LinkedIn include:

  • Following your LinkedIn connections on Twitter
  • Posting status updates simultaneously to both Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Monitoring and interacting with your Twitter streams from within LinkedIn
  • Creating a LinkedIn-specific Twitter list

Bottom Line

It’s no doubt that LinkedIn is quickly becoming a powerful social media tool for business professionals and companies. Integrating LinkedIn into your social media efforts can not only increase your company’s visibility but can help you generate new clients and leads.

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