How To Increase Brand Visibility Using Hashtags on Instagram

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One way to reach target customers is to increase visibility using Hashtags on Instagram. Along with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is one of the social network platforms that entrepreneurs are using daily to reach their market.  Did you know that on an average day, 300 million photos are shared on Instagram?

What is Instagram and Why do Consumers like it?

Instagram is a quick way for users to post photos or videos and to see what their friends are up to. For brands, it’s a great tool to use to improve the awareness of products, promotions and to develop a more personal relationship with their followers.

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Consumers love using Instagram because the app is centered around telling a story; a story about who an individual is and how they live their life. It is an instant form of self-expression. Because Instagram is visual,  information is shared fast, with not much reading, if any.

Using Hashtags On Instagram And Increasing Brand Awareness

In an online world filled with hashtags and square cropped photos, Instagram has become a place where consumers look to find new brands. It has almost become the equivalent of a search engine in social media form.

Below are some ways Instagram will help you increase your business visibility and ultimately steer more traffic towards your website.

How to get started using hashtags on Instagram

First of all, the app is 100% free to use. Secondly, it makes Instagram a great tool for businesses that are just starting to market to their target customers. If you have a budget you can put towards Instagram marketing; the app lets businesses create ads that can be targeted to specific audiences.

In conjunction with using the Instagram app, there are third-party services that you can use to monitor your efforts on Instagram. You can monitor how your efforts of using hashtags on Instagram is increasing your brand. Example of these third-party services are:

  • OnlyPult: A social media marketing tool for working with Instagram for scheduling posts, analytics, and fast content development
  • Angorapulse: Simple & affordable social media management. Manage all social media messages in one place. Schedule and publish content. Get stunning reports.
  • Union Metrics: Quick analysis, accurate reporting and meaningful answers for major social media channels that matter. Union Metrics provides specific information that marketers need to monitor and manage their social media efforts.
  • Iconosquare: Key analytics for your Instagram. Measure and optimize your Instagram performance.

Hashtags Help Users Find You

Hashtags are the heart and soul of Instagram and for good reason. They benefit users and businesses alike. Hashtags necessarily create tiny roadmaps that will lead users to what they’re looking for.

For example, if a user is looking for a cute pair of new winter boots, all they need to do is search hashtags like #winterboots, and they will see a plethora of posts about winter boots.

Using the right hashtags can help target customers find your brand and become loyal “paying” customers. To help you get to connect with your target customers using hashtags on Instagram, create strategic campaigns that fulfill the needs of your customers.

An opportunity for consistent branding

The visual aspect of Instagram makes this an excellent platform for displaying your branding. Use stunning photography and creative graphics. Not only does this keep your followers interested, but it also lets them create a connection with your brand.

Posting some behind-the-scenes content is also a fun way to connect with your followers.

If your customers are on Instagram, using hashtags on Instagram is a great way to connect with them. Remember to be where your target customers are! Set up your account today and see how this social network can boost the visibility of your business.