How to Focus On the Small Edges to Help Your Business Thrive

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In today’s fast-paced world, most businesses don’t take the time to slow down and really focus on the small edges. You may be wondering what does that mean—focusing on the small edges? It’s as simple as paying attention to every little detail that goes into making your business.

Most businesses think they’re doing this already, but really they’re only focusing on the big picture. When it comes down to a consumer level, there are hundreds of tiny details that go unnoticed by business owners who are too busy crunching numbers.

Whether it’s rounding out the edges of your social media presence, fixing a glitch on your website, or providing flawless customer service—taking the time to round out the small edges of your business will increase your customer satisfaction and improve your reputation as a company that cares.

Read below to find out more on what you can do to start paying attention to the details.

Small Edges: It’s the Little Things That Matter

The way you present yourself to the consumer world can make or break your business. It’s important to not forget the little things about your company that may not seem very important in the big picture.

These little things can be as small as an outdated logo, a typo in a recent Tweet, or inconvenient business hours. Whatever small details make up your business, keep in mind that these are the things that your customers are going to base their opinion of you on.

Be obsessive about every little detail and your customers will thank you.

Always Go the Extra Mile with Small Edges

Instead of searching for ways to cut corners and improve your business’ efficiency, take a step back and put your customer first. Going the extra mile will show your customers that you truly care about them.

This can include things like putting out a monthly survey to get their opinion on your company’s services and products, making sure to engage with your followers on social media, or holding contests to give away freebies and discounts. When it comes to dealing with customers, you should constantly remind yourself that they are the reason your business succeeds.

Without your customers’ support, your business wouldn’t be making any money. That’s why you should always treat them with respect by going the extra mile to make them feel appreciated.

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes’

As Ron Zemke puts it in his article about customer service, “Attention to details is a prime characteristic of high-performing organizations. The cast members at Disney World have a passion for details that make customers sit up and take notice.”

Companies that have a loyal following and a loving reputation are the ones that put in the effort to walk in their customer’s shoes. Whether that be placing a mint on the pillow of a hotel room, personalizing a response to an email, or making sure your website is user-friendly, seeing your company through the eyes of your customers will really help you focus on the small edges.

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