How To Create Your Soft Sell Marketing Platform

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have you been looking for a way to transition your business into a customer oriented business. Where you meet the needs of your customers and build a relationship that causes ongoing income. Then if you missed the first preview teleseminar that Judith & Jim's conducted about the upcoming “Bridging Heart and Marketing”, you can still experience it.

People were riveted by what Judith & Jim were saying about Soft Sell marketing and the need for more spiritual connection between seller and buyer. In fact, unlike most teleseminars in which people start leaving the call after 30 minutes or so, everyone stayed on the Judith & Jim's call 'til the end!

So make sure you're registered for their 2nd FR.EEE Tele-Training – “How To Build Your Soft Sell Marketing Platform.”

Register by going to:

(By the way – if you're already registered there's no need to register again. You'll get the webcast link and call-in number plus access code for every tele-training.)

Tuesday night December 11th Judith & Jim will explain

  • what a “platform” is
  • why you need one
  • how it effects your sales
  • who you have to be to have one
  • and how to build a platform that produces profit

and pleasure for years to come. It's tomorrow night Tuesday December 11th at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST (for about 70 minutes).

These calls are a No-Cost Gift to you from Judith & Jim as they preview their “Bridging Heart and Marketing” soft sell Internet marketing conference —

The only Internet marketing conference for the Soft Sell Internet Marketer as well as anyone who's thinking about getting involved in the ever expanding online opportunities.

And please tell your friends — those you know who might have an interest in soft sell marketing on the Internet.

Just send this email on to them so they can sign up at: