How to clone yourself to build your dream business

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Part of being a successful business owner is understanding that you can’t do everything yourself. As you build your dream business, it is important that you are open to cloning yourself, which is essentially delegating and automating parts of your business to get things done. I’ve done this in virtually every aspect of my company for years.

There are many tools that you can draw from, often free, to make building and growing your business seamless. These tools can be used to create organization within your business. Cloning yourself first starts with finding the right person or team members that understand you and your business goals.

Tools to build your dream business

Services like Upwork can connect you with thousands of freelance contractors around the world that you can hire to virtually assist you with your business. Contractors can be paid an hourly rate or a set fee that is paid after the successful completion of a project. Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) to help with a task that needs to be completed for your business can be very beneficial, especially when it comes to delegating.

Passing small to moderate tasks to your VA, will help you focus your energy to build your dream business and take your mind off the small things. Documenting the processes you use to keep your business functioning will also help your VA clone what you’ve been doing. A service like Glip can help you do this.

Cloning yourself through automation is also one of the easiest and cheapest ways to keeping your business running by itself. If blogging is a part of your business strategy, services like CoSchedule will allow you to manage blogging and social media at the same time. CoSchedule provides you with the ability to schedule your blogging and social media for months in advance. So instead of manually posting a blog and social media post, you can clone yourself by using CoSchedule to do it for you.

One of the biggest inefficiencies for most businesses are emails. Inbox by Gmail can help with this. Inbox is probably one of the smartest email applications available because of how rich its features are including, snoozing emails, setting reminders, creating a to-do list in your Inbox, and the ability to filter out junk from the important things. Using Inbox by Gmail to clone yourself will allow you to spend less time focused on unimportant emails while also making sure you don’t forget about urgent ones too. Staying efficient is an important element to master to build your dream business

The wrap up to build your dream business

if you build a team that connects with your vision for your dream business and the necessary implement tools to automate your business, you can clone yourself to successfully get more work done. It's OK to admit that you can not do it all, however it is also important to take steps and to implement processes that can allow you to clone yourself as you build your dream business.

One of my favorite quotes is to “work smarter, not harder.” Check out my latest podcast or Signup for my Podcast Notifications, which digs deeper into cloning yourself with different tools and services.