How the way you communicate can boost your business visibility

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Do These 3 Things Today to Strengthen Your Team and Boost Your Business Visibility

We’ve been fortunate to spend some time recently getting to know Kim Beasley and learning about her dedication to helping companies with business visibility. It got us thinking. While business visibility is about being found – and it’s certainly the driving force behind social media plans and strategies – we believe it doesn’t stop there.

Business visibility is also about being available. It’s about showing up (literally and figuratively) across all media and being present on a daily basis in the hearts and minds of your team, clients and prospects.

Despite the daily swirl of getting work done today, it’s easier than you think to be present with the people who matter most to your work. Read on for three things you can do today to boost your business visibility, strengthen your team, and build better client relationships.

1) Make yourself available in smart ways.

Once upon a time, collaborating with prospects, clients, and even your own team was a time-consuming, costly, and inefficient endeavor. Multiple communication barriers — long meetings, phone tag, stalled or lost emails — contributed to diminished momentum, interest, and engagement.

If you’re stuck in a world of phone calls and emails, you’re missing out. People are willing to do business differently today, and the good news is, it’s easier than ever to stay in front of those important stakeholders. Given that more than 80% of people use messaging for business and nearly every single person uses a smartphone to text at least once a day, it’s smart business to communicate with your team and clients in the ways they’re most comfortable with. Figure out how they like to get work done – whether it’s phone calls, emails, messaging, persistent chat or video conferencing – and make yourself available.

2) Don’t shy away from video.

It might be tempting (especially if you’re a remote worker) to get in the habit of relying solely on phone calls and chat to get things done. It might even seem faster, on the surface. But it’s more complicated than that. For example, consider that more than 90% of all communication is non-verbal. So much of your communication is being lost when you’re chatting or just on a phone call.

Video calls allow that crucial non-verbal aspect of engagement to factor into your everyday business conversations. Especially in our digital world, face-to-face connections make exchanges at once personal, memorable, and efficient. They compel us to pay attention to each other and to have more natural interactions. We can’t lapse into multitasking as easily. We’re more likely to pause before making sharp responses that we’ll later regret. Ultimately, video builds rapport, creating a more meaningful connection between you, your team and your clients.  

Not only will you create stronger relationships, you’ll get more done when you take conversations “live.” A recent study conducted by Wainhouse Research and Polycom credits video conferencing with increased efficiency and productivity increased the impact of discussion and expedited decision-making.

3) “Remember that responsive communication + authentic interactions = positive advertising for your company”.

Mass communication theorist Marshall McLuhan famously said, “the medium is the message.” When you choose to interact with clients and prospects using today’s modes of communication,  you’re sending a clear message about your corporate culture. The impact of supporting an intuitive, timely working relationship cannot be underestimated. It leaves your customers and prospects feeling seen, heard, and understood.

When your business visibility efforts include this blend of flexibility and availability, working with you and your team becomes engaging and enticing for your prospects, and indispensable for your clients. The seamless collaboration that results is a powerful way to spotlight the strengths of your business and the power of your team.