How Much Is Too Much Oversharing On Social Media?

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Discover why oversharing on social media can be dangerous. Just as so many people around the world do, I enjoy connecting with others via social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Sharing about my latest projects or great news that's happening in my life are a couple of the things that I have in common with many other social media users. One great question I have is, “How much is too much oversharing on social media?”

Example of the dangers of oversharing on social media

SPOILER ALERT: A lot of information is shared about a “Criminal Minds” episode entitled “It's Out There”.

My thoughts about oversharing on social media

I watched a TV show called “Criminal Minds” and it had an episode about a stalker/killer who was stalking women who shared many personal details about their lives online using various social media websites. He would initially offer to install high-speed Internet access and at the same time, he would install a single small camera that would allow him to monitor their activities. Then he would take his time getting to know them and breaking into their homes when they weren't there to install more small cameras. He would also follow them online to see what they were sharing about their lives and he eventually started following them around until he entered their homes one final time and killed them.

I know this is a TV show and that this is somewhat extreme, but I view it as a very cautionary tale for “how much is too much oversharing on social media“? I'm not trying to scare anyone about sharing information on social media websites, I just want to inform you about the dangers of sharing too much information. The video below is about 5 minutes from the episode that is very detailed and should only be watched by adults due to the nature of the video. I am so adamant about informing others about this issue that I felt it necessary to share this video. Please feel free to share your own views by leaving a comment below.

SPOILER ALERT: this shares a few minutes from the “Criminal Minds” show and is very detailed. Only suitable for adult audiences.