How Do You Deal With Arguments Via Social Media Websites With Other Users?

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One of the things that I realize about social media, that I wished more people would figure out, is that it's about being social.  When I was growing up, I was taught that social meant being respectful of others and their opinion even if I disagreed with them. However, I have noticed that some people choose to be argumentative in all cases.

It doesn't help to argue with someone or stating the obvious over and over to someone who is stuck on the fact that their opinion is right and nothing else matters. I've found that when I choose to not argue a matter, then eyes are opened which means either the other person's eyes are opened or sometimes even mine are open. In the end, arguing doesn't get you anywhere but stuck.

Below are the thoughts from some of my social media friends and how they deal with “discussions” via social media:

  • David D. Stanton – Arguing is pointless however, a good debate can be fun. Exactly, I do so enjoy those I tend to like to take up the side of devils advocate on many topics regardless of how I truely feel about the issue at hand, this gives all those involved usualy a new perspective that they may not have considered before. (But it also risks setting off those who have a hard time balancing Debate with argument.)
  • Shawn Allen – So true…the “Booberday” controversy (that I believe should have never became that big of a deal myself though I was not involved in it) is a good example. There was one woman who took up an extreme hostile position against it. After trying to get my point across via 3 different post I muted the thread and left it alone. I made my point and there was no need for me to go on debating with them. That thread was at 160 comments by time I left.
  • Cora Triton – I try to be in the first three parts of the argumentation pyramid that you can find here: otherwise it is no discussion and pointless. And it is possible to agree, that we disagree and discuss on a meta-level. My motto: be polite and respectful, stay to the facts, be able to change your opinion and always realize that the rating of the facts may be quite different.
  • Rebecca Besbris – Yup yup. It's not really worth the time spent arguing, especially with people you really don't know lol