How crazy can the iPhone accessories get?

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OK, this is a must read if you want a good laugh at the different iPhone accessories that are pushing the boundaries of craziness.

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10 Ridiculous iPhone Accessories [PICS]

While there's no question that the iPhone experience can be greatly improved by a few choice accessories — a cool speaker dock and a snazzy case, for example — there are companies out there that have taken the concept to the extreme.

Here we take a light-hearted look at 10 totally unnecessary iPhone accessories that only the true gadget-addict would consider a good investment.

Have a laugh as you wander through the gallery, and let us know any kooky iPhone add-ons you've spotted in the comments below. And remember kids, the next time you're tempted with an unsightly accessory, just ask yourself WWJID: (what would Jony Ive do?)