Helping Coaches Develop An Online Presence

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Have you determined that in 2010, you are going to develop your online presence with a website? Are you a coach who needs to enhance your online presence but need assistance or guidance in doing this? If your answer is “yes”, I have a few things to share with you that will help you develop your online presence.

The image below shows a suggested process that
you can follow to enhance your online presence

Below are a few suggestions that would be good for coaches to implement to enhance their online presence during 2010:

  • One of the things that you, as a coach, should implement is a membership website. With a membership website, you can create interactivity between you and those you mentor.
  • Implement a social media plan that is integrating into your website. Research your industry and target market to determine which social media websites are used the most and then determine how you can incorporate social media into your business.
  • Create products that you can either give away or sell to your target audience. Things you can use for products are: recorded teleseminars, blog posts, or even a PowerPoint presentation. You can use pretty much anything that allows you to share your knowledge or information.
  • Setup Google alerts to monitor your online presence. Add your keywords, your name, and your business to your alerts so that you can be notified whenever they show up in search engines.
  • If you have video or PowerPoint presentations that you can change into video, think about setting up a YouTube account and sharing your information there. This is a good way for you to allow your message to reach the masses along with adding viral marketing to your online presence.
  • Integrate Google Analytics or monitoring code into your website so that you can always be aware of how your website traffic is trending.

Pro Membership Services is running a special for coaches to help them develop their online presence with a WordPress website or by integrating social media into their online presence. For more details, check out “WordPress Website Special for Coaches“.