Healthy Living: Oh Oh, I made a boo boo

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OK, I want to confess that I made a boo boo this weekend and slipped into a bad habit of eating the wrong food (french fries). The urge overtook me and I had to surcome to it. Whew, glad I got that over with so now I can continue. 🙂

My goal of sustaining a healthy living for 21 days was slightly messed up but it did not stop me from my goals. As a business owner, I realize that living a healthy life is just as important as running my business. If I'm not healthy then my business and my clients could suffer.

So my goal for today was to start documenting the baselines I've set. I determined the average steps I take in a day and set what my goals would be everyday. I also set a baseline regarding food as far as what I would eat, when I would eat and how I would prepare my foods. I also have a baseline for my mindset in that I will memorize positive affirmations to help keep me on task with my healthy living goals.

Do you have ways that you have created a  healthy living plan from a baseline? Please feel free to share.

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