Healthy Living: Get accountability partners & mentors

by | Kim Beasley, Motivational, Social Media Marketing | 1 comment

So I got a late start today on getting my blog post for my healthy living series. Today I want to share how I determined my mentor and accountability partners. Knowing that starting a healthy living series wasn't a favorite thing for me, I decided that I needed accountability partners who would really keep me on my toes. As for my mentor, I wanted someone who would not only challenge me but also help me make wise decisions about changing things I need to do during this series.

So one of my accountability partners is Carol Dickson-Carr (@ProfCarol on Twitter) because she has been one of my encourager when it came to starting my healthy living serious. I found her on Twitter and have watched as she share how she was working out often. The mentor that I have chose is Heather Moreno because she has been an encouragement to me over the last year and has written a book that helps me to understand the importance of living healthy. The title of the book is “Achieving Physical Wealth: 8 Simple Steps for Braking the Rules of Staying Fit“. I have been reading this book and I have learned a great deal about the importance of have a physical fit schedule in place regardless how small it is.

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