Healthy Living: Determine areas of concentration

by | Kim Beasley, Motivational, Social Media Marketing | 2 comments

As I start my new 21 day makeover for healthly living, it was suggested to me by my co-contributors that I determine the areas of my life that I want to concentrate on. I chose only three at this time so that I wouldn't get overwhelmed. The areas I will focus on are eating, exercise and thought-life.

Each of the areas that I chose are important to me as a business owner because each one helps me sustain my body so that I am able to function and run my business. If I become healthier in each of these areas, I feel that I will be able to produce at higher levels of performance in my business.

As a business owner, have you reviewed how healthy you are living? Are there areas that you need to improve in so that healthy living is top priority? Then please feel free to share about areas you are concentrating on for healthy living improvements.

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