Has Apple taken the fun out of owning an iPhone for you?

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Even though I never owned an iPhone due to the carrier it's been associated with for the past few years, I still watch to see what goes on with it's users. It's interesting to see how many are starting to feel that iPhone is starting to not deliver as promised on many things.

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How Apple Took The Fun Out of Owning an iPhone

Three years ago, I was really excited. Though the magic of serendipity, I had purchased an original iPhone while driving from L.A. to Seattle, and I was just beginning to discover the seemingly limitless possibilities of having a web-connected personal computer in my pocket.

Sure, there were problems here and there, but, at first, the iPhone was new, it was transformative, and most of all, it was a helluva lot of fun to own. Apple had done amazing stuff in the past, but this felt like the pinnacle of their work. The iPhone combined everything great about Apple into a single beautiful device.

Fast-forward three years, and all that joy is gone. Kaput. My iPhone 3G is used as an iPod at work, to check traffic while driving, and (occasionally) make phone calls. It's gone from being a fun device to something that is kind of a drag to own. And I blame Apple.

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