Grow Your Business Part II: Grow your list and start your business

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Last week I kicked off a three-part blog series to help you grow your business using powerful and unique courses that will teach you the latest cutting edge business strategies. As I mentioned last week, I love continuing education programs that can help you grow personally and professionally. The courses I'll introduce you to this week are some of the best training available that can help you expand your business. Investment in training can dramatically impact the way you do business.

Business Courses to grow your business

Course 3: List Builder’s Lab with Amy Porterfield

If you have been trying to build your lists to grow your business and you just can’t see any improvement, then it’s time to invest in the List Builder’s Lab that was created by Amy Porterfield. According to Amy, When doing business online, the energy of your business is directly tied to the strength of your email list. When youGrow your business go through this training, the tools, techniques, and tips will help you strengthen your lists and experience steady growth.

The List Builder’s Lab will walk you step-by-step through the best FREE strategies designed to add up to 500 engaged will-be buyers to your list every month. It will also equip you with the solid foundation and proven frameworks that actually help you outperform your competitors with deeper pockets and bigger ad spends.

Length of Course:  List Builder’s Lab is a self-paced course, meaning you can work as many or as little hours per week as your schedule allows. That said, you should expect to invest about 60 minutes per week in watching the lessons and another 4-5 hours per week putting them into action.

Target customers: List Builder’s Lab is for entrepreneurs who are just getting started with their list building efforts AS WELL as seasoned online business owners who feel their list growth is stagnating (inconsistent flow, little or no engagement).

Ready to make list building a priority in your business? Check out Amy Porterfield’s FREE list building Master Class:

Course 4: Six-Week Become Your Own Boss Mastermind

Next, we are going to take a journey into a program that was designed to help you transition from employee to entrepreneur. The focus of this program is to help a would-be entrepreneur develop a build a plan to launch their business that will help them make the go/no-go decision after validating their business concept and target market. Grow Your Business

This course was created by, Melinda Emerson “SmallBizLady,” who is regarded in the media as America’s #1 Small Business Expert. The course is based on the Emerson Planning System featured in her bestselling book, “Become Your Own Boss 12 Months, 2nd Edition. She developed the course to help people get a realistic view of what it will really take to launch a successful business. Ms. Emerson personally walks you through the online course during the six-week program. The goal is to help you build a sustainable business model and a plan to launch the business! Let’s take a look the things you will learn:

  • Week 1: How to Develop a Life Plan
  • Week 2: Funding Your Dream Business
  • Week 3: Validating Your Business Concept
  • Week 4: Defining Your Niche & Target Customer  
  • Week 5: Developing Your Marketing Plan
  • Week 6: Completing Your Business Plan and Launching Your Action Plan

The essential focus of this course is to hope participants think through their new business and move forward with a realistic game plan. As the course moves forward each week, you will build a plan for success in your dream business.

Length: 6 weeks, Mastermind group

Target customers: Employed workers

You can get started with becoming your own boss, then find out more by visiting:

These business courses will not only help you grow your business but also give you the tools and strategies to clone yourself in other industries. Next week, my final post in this series will introduce you to several more business courses that I hope you’ll take advantage of including one I've been working on. You can always check out my website for the latest tips and tricks to expand the visibility of your business online.