Grow Your Business Part I: Powerful Courses With Unique Business Strategies

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Over the last weeks, we’ve focused on resources that help with grow your business visibility and online presence. This week, I'll kick-off a three blog post series to help you focus on growing your knowledge of the latest trends and strategies for business growth. I’m a big proponent of continuing education that can help you grow personally and professionally. Because this is so important, I’ve been cataloging some of the best training that can help you grow your business

Business courses to grow your business

The key to having breakthrough results in your business is that you are focused on investment in training that can dramatically impact the way you do business. As an entrepreneur, I have found several training courses that have helped me not only grow my business but also helped me grow my clients’ businesses.

Course 1: Your Fastest Path to Cash Group Coaching Program

Let’s start with a program by Maritza Parra and Joe Vilardo. They have developed a program that truly meets the needs of a “quick startup” to make money. They love working with coaches and consultants to craft a high value, high ticket offer. They love it so much that they got off the income roller coaster and then built out all their marketing systems. Grow your business

Their focus is to help coaches and consults differentiate themselves from their competition by finding their unique angle and using the power of storytelling. Maritza & Joe help them create a great sales event they can repurpose into different media formats. Finally, this program also teaches coaches and consultants where to find and how to effectively close their ideal prospects using a Sacred Selling System.

This helps the coaches and consultants to be open to a high ticket mindset and belief in themselves and rising above your competition is also a big focus of this program. Maritza brings over 25 years of marketing experience in different niches, along with mindset and Law of Attraction coaching while Joe brings in his expertise with systems and copywriting to bring a double whammy of mentors to the group.

Length: 8 weeks

Target customers: coaches, consultants, expert who is tired of trading hours for dollars

To access their Free Cooperative Assessment Application, just visit:

Course 2: 6 steps to a 6 figure sales webinar

Would you like to learn how to implement a profitable and automated funnel with webinars? Then this next course is just for you. It was created by Casey Zeman who’s webinar plugin was the focus of my video marketing article in the March 2016 issue of iBlog Magazine. grow your business

In this course, Casey teaches you the 6 steps to a 6 figure sales webinar. He focused on creating training that has been cleverly crafted for authors, experts, coaches or consultants who want to invest in the growth of their business through the use of webinars.

Providing valuable techniques and tools during the webinar training, makes it innovative and an excellent component for those who want to integrate webinars into their business. People are using webinars as an opportunity to build a deeper foundational experience with their audience. They use it more like a broadcasting tool to do live video, and the experience has now changed into bringing a more nurtured experience.

Just think about the last webinars you watch and how powerfully it impact you. Now think about how you can use learn to use webinars in your business to reach your target customers. In fact, the Founder of EasyWebinar, Casey Zeman, wasn't able to sell his online programs till he started running live webinars. After cultivating the webinar process he now uses and teaches in this course, he has grown his business to a 6-figure business today.

Length: 4 video series (20-30 minutes long)

Target customers: Author, expert , coach/consultant , product creator , service provider or eCommerce

To get started with this video training, just visit:

These courses will not only expand your knowledge of the latest business strategies, but will also help grow your business to new levels. Next week, I will introduce you to several more business courses that I hope you'll take advantage of. You can always check out my website for the latest tips and tricks to expand the visibility of your business.