How To Grow A Social Media Strategy in 2018

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Social Media has quickly become one of the most popular ways to get your work and advertisements seen. There are over 2 billion users on Social Media today! With the many different platforms available, you are able to share documents, photos, and videos with relative ease. Effective use of Social Media can help to boost your business presence online. The number of Social Media users continues to rise each year, bringing fresh and new eyes to popular platforms daily.

Consistent Scheduling Will Promote YOU!

Consistency is the key! While you are working on your Social Media sites, remember:

  • Promote –  Balance promotion with fun and engaging posts. Be aware of your page and analytics. Posting in high traffic times will result in more eyes on your posts!
  • Presence –  Be consistent in your usage! No one wants to visit a stale page.
  • Relatability – Maintain your presence online, and be sure to respond to comments and posts!

Building your Social Media strategy can take a little time and patience. However, the dedication to your Social Media accounts will reap what you put into them. Each platform requires different information. Social Media posts can be cross shared across the different platforms, but each must be modified in order to gain the analytics that are desired.

Choose The Social Media Platform That Best Fits You

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube are among the highest rated Social Media sites. Through these platforms, interested users can easily follow your business advertising. Tumblr, SnapChat, WordPress, and many others can be used for effective marketing as well.

Getting started with each platform is easy. Build a workable schedule and follow it. This schedule can be modified as your business dictates.  Remember to use posts that are interactive and outreach based. By creating a “Call To Action” you are inviting people to respond, thereby building traction with your business.

Facebook and Twitter are easy to build on, and you can promote and grow with ease. Instagram is fairly easy to use, but you must remember to use relevant hashtags when using this platform. Instagram is completely visual, and you cannot use too many hashtags when promoting your work. Facebook and Twitter are a little more complex. The less hashtags used, the better.

Sit Back, Relax, and Get Comfortable With Your Sites

When researching different platforms to use, do not get overwhelmed with the number of sites. Each site is different and some are more user friendly than others. It’s best to start small and focus on the platforms that will provide the most benefit with the least amount of time. Grow to new platforms from there. Find the Social Media platforms that you are comfortable using at the start, and build your empire brick by brick!

Have any questions? Ask them in the comments below! Don’t be afraid to share your social media successes as well!