Great suggested for low cost web apps to help you run your business

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Most of this I knew about and am currently using but there were a few new ones that I hadn't hear about. I will have to give these web application a test run.

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How to Run Your Entire Business Using Free and Low Cost Web Apps

Software as a service (SaaS) and all things related to cloud computing have grown enormously popular for small business use of the last few years, and why not. Many of the services needed to run today's businesses can be acquired for little of no cost and allow even the tiniest of start-ups to do things once only achieved by much larger organizations.

Access to online tools from virtually anywhere opens up markets, expands access to vendors and talent and makes collaboration something more easily done, even with internal teams.

The list below is a round-up of some of the tools available today. It's conceivable that organizations could run their entire business with little more than a web browser.