Google Chrome on steroids! New experimental BETA version soon to be released

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If you love Chrome and want to get in on the development of the latest version, the check out this article. It's a good read about the new version and how you can get in on the BETA test.

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Google Releases the Ultimate Experimental Version of Chrome

Not content with the feedback speed and weekly release cycle of the Dev version of Google Chrome, the search giant has launched the Google Chrome Canary Build, the most experimental and risky version of the web browser yet.

Google (Google) constantly tests new features and experimental builds of the Chrome (Chrome) browser through the Chrome Dev channel, part of the open-source Chromium Project. However, it's usually updated in a weekly cycle, which in some cases is not fast enough for the Chrome team to gather feedback and iterate on the world's third most popular browser.

That's where the Canary Build comes in. According to Google, this build will be updated “more frequently than the Dev channel, with riskier changes, and usually without a human being ever verifying that it works.”