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giving back through technologyFocusing on the needs of the world and solving problems by giving back through technology is a solution being encouraged by Google’s Eric Schmidt. In a recent press announcement, Schmidt decided to pay it forward by encouraging organizations to give back through technology to solve human problems of the world.

By opening up this opportunity, it's giving non-profits or organizations from around the world a helping hand as they diligently work to spread technology throughout the world. It also ties into the mission of Google, which according to Schmidt is…

“Google's mission is to connect the world. We want a free, open Internet for everyone in the world.”

Is it truly possible to solve the world’s problems by paying it forward and solving the issues with technology? Even better, is it possible to have open Internet for everyone around the world? Let’s take a deeper look and see what we find.

How does paying it forward help around the world?

When Eric Schmidt set out to co-write his latest book with Jared Cohen, The New Digital Age, he wanted to impact the world. He also wanted to help organizations via encouragement in giving back through technology to assist in solving human problems. To encourage organizations to get involved, Schmidt is planning on donating $1M to help further the movement.

Those who have chosen to take up the challenge will be developing technology solutions to aid in solving human problems. You might be wondering what brought on this shift of wanting to solve problems with technology. Well in the same announcement, report that Schmidt stated…

“In writing The New Digital Age, Jared and I developed a strong belief in the power of technology to address some of the thorniest global challenges, a belief which was strengthened with each country we visited,” Schmidt said in a press release. “We felt it was important to recognize the work being done by non-profits that show promise in these areas.” 

Now that's a great way to encourage paying it forward and giving back through technology by addressing global challenges. Even though specific global challenges haven't been identified according to cNet, “Schmidt and Cohen apparently traveled to more than 40 countries to see how technology is being used”. Now that's a world-wide trip to make a difference and impact the world.

How can someone get involved with giving back through technology?

We might not all have $1M to pay it forward yet we can all take steps to give back through technology. One of the first things that comes to mind, to get involved, one must be prepared to define a problem that can be solved by technology. This means that you determine where there is a need such as in a school, community center or a 3rd world country. Once you determine that need, clarify it by defining the problem that can be solved. It could be as simple as assessing the need for an after-school program at a community center.

connect-20333_1280Next, determine a solution that will solve the problem that you have defined. Let's go with the after-school program. What type of technology would the kids need in order to be productive? Do they need technology they can take home or will it need to be computers that stay in the center or maybe a special software training program might need to be developed to educate the students about a particular skill. Regardless of the solution, make sure it is a necessary solution.

Once you have a solution determined, now it's time to implement the solution. To implement a solution, it means that you have a plan of what you want to do in order to give back through technology. From the running scenario, let's take a look at a solution of developing a special software training program to educate students regarding a particular skill. Some of the things that you might want to have in place would be a project manage team to help you develop your programming strategy, plans for implementation, and finally to keep things on target. Key to implementing a solution is having a great project management tool in place so that you can track your project along with assigning deliverable tasks to your team. Alway have subject matter experts involved and in this case it just might include some of the students.

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