Getting Real Online: Refining Steps

by | Kim Beasley | 0 comments

The next step in the process of getting real online is refining the steps in the process of becoming “radically transparent”. In the first segment of this series, “Getting Real Online: First Steps“, it focused on helping you get started as you become “radically transparent”. The focus of this segment is to help you refine the steps that you would take to be successful in becoming “radically transparent”.

As a next step, one should look at your strengths to determine where you are strong when it comes to “getting real online”. According to StrengthsFinder 2.0, having strength in a particular area means that…

“When we're able to put most of our energy into developing our natural talents, extraordinary room for growth exists.”

This growth can help you excel in “getting real online”. For instance if you have a natural talent of talking to people and you feel comfortable doing it then you should have energy in communicating with others online. You can do this by sharing with others via LinkedIn groups or a Facebook fanpage regarding a topic you are passionate about.

On the other hand, if you are operating in a particular area that is not your strength, then you might have a tendency to be unhappy or regretful. According to StrengthsFinder 2.0, when you're not able to use your strengths at work or in your business [in a particular area], chances are that you:

  • Dread going to work or working in your business
  • Have more negative than positive interactions with your colleagues or peers
  • Treat your customers poorly
  • Tell your friends what a miserable company you work for or operate
  • Achieve less on a daily basis
  • Have fewer positive and creative moments

As you can see, it is very important that you are operating in your strengths so that you can avoid experiencing these types of feelings. To help you determine your strengths and refining your steps in “getting real online”, look into your strengths to see where you can excel. Excelling at things like connecting with others online or helping others grow their online presence can be used to refine your steps of “getting real online”.

How do you refine your strengths by getting real online? Please comment and share below.