Blogging Tips that help generate traffic to your website

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Blogging Tips 1: Starting and maintaining a blog

Over the years, there are as significant increase of blogger in the blogosphere. The last counted number June 2006 is around 44.1 millions and it is still increasing!

1. Find your niche and stick to it – blog about things that you are interested in or what are your passion. Are you a good basketball player? Blog about your skills and how you learn them. how you train yourself. Ultimately, blog is about sharing.

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2. Make sure that the niche is something that you like – if you are blogging about things that you are not interested in.Why blog? Life is already so miserable, people is chasing for paycheck everyday. Do something you like in your free time, if not you will quickly become frustrated and abandon your blog.

3. Do not expect to make money blogging – Many people think that blogging will make them millionaires overnight by using those get rich blogging program as promised from the internet. Only a small percentage of blogger are able to do that because they are full time blogger spent long hours in front of the internet to improve themselves. Once you have decided that to be a blogger. You have to decide what blogging services you want to use. I would recommend that newbie to use blogger to get their feet wet before going more into it. The service is free, but the downside is that you could not have different categories and could not schedule your posts at a later date or time. You can go into the more complex blogging platform when you are ready

  1. WordPress(My Favourite!)
  2. Livejournal
  3. Typepad
  4. Movable Type

Most of the people who uses the above blogging tools will normally registered their own domain name and webhost. So that they can edit and change whatever they want as it is their own blog with their own domain name.

Blogging Tips 2: Make your blog findable You have started writing some content on your blog. The next thing is to let others aware of your blog. As most of the blogging service have a feed function. If you do not know what is a feed. check out what is feeds? Most blogger will also subscribe to feedburner. So make sure you head over there and register an account for yourself. Next is to let the search engines know your blog existence so that the search engine spiders will start to crawl to your blog.

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. MSN
  4. Technorati

Next is to register for an account with technorati. It is an internet search engine which focus on blogs by keywords or links.The last update on June 2006. It is currently indexing over 45 millions blogs. Once you have registered for an account. You would need to claim your blog. Enter keywords which best suits about the niche of your blog. You can now start tagging your post. In order to make full use of technorati service. I would recommend that you create a technorati tag by using KeoTag’s Tagger Service Key in your tags in step 1, Check the box on Technorati.Paste the html to the bottom of your post and you are done! Now all you have to do is to wait and see the magic of technorati.

Blogging Tips 3: Generate traffic by having conversations! At the beginning, i have said that blog about things you are interested in and now is to start a conversation with people who shared the same interest or niche with you.

1. Comment on their blog – Leaving a comment on people blog is the most easiest way to start a conversation.You also can go back to technorati and click on the tags that you have created and start a conversation with follow blogger by emailing them about what they think of your posting or articles.

2. Trackbacks – Most blogs allows trackbacks. Another great way to start a conversation between posts. If you are not sure about trackbacks, check out what is trackbacks?

3. Forums – Look for forums which suits your niche and talk to people in the forums. Exchange views or pointers with them. Create a signature at the bottom of your forum posting. If they are interested to know more. They would click your signature and go to your blog.But always remember to check the rules of the forums.Some of them did not allow signature posting.

These blogging tips can help your pull in traffic to your blog. Please feel free to share how they have helped you below.